What is PrTMS?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain. Personalized repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (PrTMS®) utilizes a proprietary, patented protocol for developing personalized treatment plans which are verified and approved by a qualified PrTMS® provider. These plans provide recommendations for the delivery of low amplitude, non-invasive magnetic energy pulses, to multiple areas of the brain, guided by in-office, painless “brain mapping (qEEG).” Each treatment is personalized to the specific needs of each patient.

Brain Assessment and Enhancement

Our unique Brain Mapping Process provides a clear understanding of what is happening in your brain so we can assess the condition of the neural networks, measure function, and identify any issues or inefficiencies. 

Conditions such as depression, anxiety, headaches, ADHD, and many sleep problem are often related to Brainwave Arrhythmias. These asynchronies can be detected during the brain mapping process and be addressed through regular PrTMS treatments. 

Peak Functioning and Performance

Optimizing brain function will help you perform at your best. PrTMS enhances cognitive performance including memory and decision-making as well as enhancing physical performance and improving sleep rhythms. 

Our clients include executives, althetes, students, attorneys, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more who seek to perform at their best. 

We’re proud to offer a safe, drug-free and pain-free solution that will help you sleep better, recover faster, and think more clearly.

Benefits of PrTMS

Our patients experience a wide array benefits from PrTMS treatments including

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved executive functioning
  • Increased memory, concentration and focus
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved sleep rhythms
  • and more!

A personalized treatment plan is determined and repeated treatments are necessary to experience the full benefits. Outcomes are unique to each patient.

Restore Health Through Sleep

There is one health habit you can improve that will have an impact on your immune system, your ability to handle stress, elevate your mood, increase your strength, improve memory and decision makig ability, and even improve your overall appearance. This pivotal element to overall health is Sleep. 

Studies show that less than optimal sleep can contribute to depression, anxiety, obesity, infections, and more. Completing a PrTMS treatment is a safe, pain-free, and drug-free method for improved sleep. 

If you struggle with insomnia or other sleep disorders, call 808-572-4500 for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

Relieve Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, yet only 1 in 3 people seek treatment. Nearly half of people who are diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can stem from factors such as brainwave arrhythmias, traumatic events, and other risk factors.

Through following the PrTMS treatment plan, our clients can reduce or eliminate many symptoms associated with axiety and depression. PrTMS is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative or addition to medication involving low grade brain stimulation that can restore neuronal harmony.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

We offer a comprehensive, strength-based, solution-focused approach to challenges faced by those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder here in Maui, Hawaii.

PrTMS is a pain-free, drug-free addition or alternative to medication for those with autism. Our clients diagnosed with autism experience improved function and neuronal harmony through treatment. This can be seen as improvements in congnitive function, repetitive behaviors and attention.

To receive a free 15 minute PrTMS consultation, please call Brain Waves Maui at 808-572-4500.

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